I love a good morning routine, but it has taken me some time and experimentation to find one I wanted to stick with consistently. In the midst of this spiritual awakening I have been going through, I have developed a mindful and spiritual morning routine that I feel really helps me get my day started on the right foot. It brings me peace, helps me set intentions for the day ahead, and keeps me in touch with my own spirituality despite what the day has in store.

Today, I’m going to share My Spiritual Morning Routine with you.


Wake Up and Let in the Light

A simple step – I know – but honestly one of my favorite parts of the morning.

When I very first wake up, I close my eyes and quickly say a few things that I am grateful for. I do this before looking at my phone or thinking about my tasks for the day. It might sound corny, but these first few moments when you wake up are so important and play a huge role in how you vibrate the rest of the day – so start with happiness and gratitude! There is always something to be grateful for, so smile about it.

Then, the second I get out of bed, I open the blinds in my room. I really do love this part of the day. I can’t help but smile as the light floods into my room and I look out over the mountains behind my apartment. Even when it isn’t sunny, there is just something about looking out at that sky first thing in the morning that makes me feel connected to something bigger than myself as I begin my day. It puts things in perspective and makes my space feel more open.

Then, I put on my shark tooth necklace that I’m sure you’re all beginning to notice I wear every day. It was given to me by someone special, and the energy attached to it something I like to carry with me, always. It is so much more about that energy than about the necklace itself.


Boring Morning Stuff

Then, I do the typical morning stuff. I brush my teeth, wash my face, put in my contacts if I feel like it. Blah blah blah.

I make a point to make my bed every morning when I get out of it. For me, having a super organized and tidy-looking space has done wonders for my mental health. I’ll be the first to admit that my tidiness is the first to go when I am depressed, so I have had to make a point of becoming the most organized, anti-clutter person I can be. With a nice tidy room, my mind feels less cluttered. I can breathe easily. I can rest.

And a huge part of this is simply making my bed. If I can make myself do that one simple thing, then staying productive in other ways throughout the day feels easier, too.


Hydrate with Lemon Water

I love drinking a nice big glass of lemon water first thing in the morning. It re-hydrates me after a night of sleep and has done a lot for me when it comes to my weight-loss goals, health, and clearing up my skin.

I have been seeing the positive effects lately of doing things with clear intention – even something as simple as drinking water. So, before I take the first sip, I set an intention that this water will fill me with life, clear my skin, and make me feel healthy and vibrant throughout the rest of my day.


Meditation, Tarot, and Journaling

Next, I move into my actual spiritual practice for the morning. I sit on my bed with my journal, my tarot cards, a candle, and whatever crystals I feel can best help me with my intention for the day.

As I set this intention for the day, I light my candle with a simple “and so it is” affirmation.

Then, I choose a meditation for the morning. The one I choose will typically have something to do with my intention for that day. Something I will do a visualization for creating business and abundance. Sometimes I choose affirmations that connect me with the Universe and my higher self. Sometimes I just sit mindfully to bring a stillness to my mind. It changes every day!

After I meditate, I will pull a single tarot card. As I shuffle the cards, I will call upon my spirit guide to offer me some direction for my day or to make me aware of something in my day I should look out for.

Then, I journal. At this point, I just sort of write whatever I want. I always write down my intention for the day, but then I change it up. Sometimes I free-write my thoughts, sometimes I write about what I’m most grateful for, and sometimes I do some scripting.


Coffee or Tea and a Few More Quiet Moments to Myself

Next, I’ll make some coffee or matcha tea. I try to stay as present and mindful as possible as I make it, staying focused on the task at hand and setting an intention for this drink much like I did with my water. I typically intend for it to energize me so that I can be vibrant and productive going into my day.

Then, I like to take my drink our onto my apartment balcony and just breathe for a few minutes as I look out over the mountains and into the sky. This brings me a lot of peace and reminds me that – no matter how much work I may have to get through today – that this is my natural state. That I can get back to this quiet and peace whenever I decide to.

Sometimes, I will read just a few pages of whatever book I’m in the middle of for a little inspiration.


After I come back inside, I’ll get dressed and ready for the day, make some breakfast, review my to-do list, and start working.

Thank you so much for reading! I can honestly say that my life feels drastically different ever since I implemented this Spiritual Morning Routine, and it is something that I have been easily staying consistent with. There are, of course, days when I skip certain steps or am rushing through my morning, but I can feel the difference in my vibration on those days. It is so much more worth it for me to stick to this practice!

What things do you enjoy the most about your morning routine?


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