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I’ve shared several New Moon rituals with you all because I get so excited for new beginnings and manifesting! However, I finally thought it was time to share something that is a little heavier for me…my Full Moon ritual.

The energy of the full moon provides a perfect time for purging and letting go. At this time, we can release ourselves from the things that no longer serve us and clear space in our lives for something even better. This time is healing, but it can get emotional.

Leading up to tonight’s full moon, for example, I felt more anxious than is typical for me. I feel the stagnant energy inside of me wanting to be moved to the surface and pushed out, and that is exactly what a full moon ritual is for.

Going into tonight’s full moon, I encourage you to embrace the emotions as they rise, even the negative ones, so that you can release them in a way that is healthy and productive. Below, I am sharing the ritual I go through using the energy of the full moon.


Sweat it Out

The full moon’s energy provides a time for purging. We should take the opportunity to push toxicity and negativity to the surface while getting stagnant energy/emotions moving up and out of our bodies.

To do this, I make sure to work up a sweat the day of a full moon. Being active and moving your body pushes those stagnant energies through you, and it’s also a great way to get into flow state!

After getting all sweaty and tired, I pamper myself a bit before I actually get into the ritual itself. I take a long shower or bath, throw on a face mask, and drink plenty of water.


Cleanse and Prepare my Space

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I like to make sure I’m all settled in when I start my full moon ritual, so I like to set up my desk with everything I will be using or want to have nearby. For me, that’s some candles for intention-setting, crystals that are relevant to my ritual, a glass of water to drink throughout, my journal and pens, my tarot cards, and some Palo Santo.

Once everything is set up, I cleanse my space. During a new moon, I would smudge my entire room/home. However, I simply cleanse myself and my little ritual area during the full moon. I choose to use Palo Santo as opposed to sage because it only clears negative energy and keeps the good. This feels more in alignment with the purpose of the full moon to me, because I want to release negativity during my ritual while clearing space for new, positive opportunities to come in. Also, it just smells really freakin’ good.

As I’m setting up and cleansing my space, I like to have some gentle meditation music or binaural beats going in the background to relax me and bring my focus to the present moment.


Review Last Month’s Intention

Before beginning my ritual, I revisit my journal entry from last month’s full moon. I do this to see if there are any themes reemerging and to reflect on whether or not I stayed on track with my intention.



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Before I start my meditation, I do a cleansing of my energy with Selenite. Selenite is an excellent crystal for moon rituals and it helps me feel free of any negative emotions that may have come up while reviewing my ritual from the month before.

I typically do two meditations during the full moon ritual. First, I choose a chanting or simple music meditation that allows me to just relax and become completely present in the moment. I like to feel myself in my body and quiet my mind before I begin this often emotional ritual.

Next, I will go on YouTube and search for a full moon guided meditation.


Set an Intention

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Next, I set my intention for the ritual. I write down – to make it very clear to both myself and to the universe – specifically what it is I was to release and let go of under the energy of this full moon.

Then, I journal for a while. I reflect on the limiting beliefs I am holding that have made my intention difficult up until now and ask myself how I can turn them around and work through them. I create some positive affirmation for the month ahead of me and do a lot of internal questioning that helps me confront the darker parts of myself I don’t typically acknowledge.

I always end my journal entry with a letter of forgiveness to myself. Full moon rituals are a time for confronting parts of ourselves or our lives that may not be pleasant, and it’s important to treat yourself with compassion, love, and forgiveness throughout this process. I find this letter to be extremely healing.


Tarot Reading

I finish my full moon ritual with a tarot card reading. The type of reading I do depends on the emotions and themes that came up during my ritual. I typically ask my spirit guides how I can best move past my limiting beliefs in order to release myself of the things that don’t serve me. I also ask what could be on the horizon that I should clear space for. 


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Before I go to bed, I put my crystals out in the light of the moon to charge, and I give gratitude for the energy that helped me through this ritual.

Thank you so much for reading. I encourage you to find something to work through tonight during the full moon, because its healing energy is not to be underestimated. Take full advantage of it!



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