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The New Moon represents the ideal time for “starting over.” Its energy is perfect for manifesting, setting goals, letting go, and setting intentions for the month ahead.

This particular New Moon is going to be especially important to me. In all honesty, my moon rituals – as well as all of my other spiritual practices – have fallen to the wayside the past few months as I struggled through some difficult insecurities and negative energy. This journey through darkness I took has landed me somewhere I hadn’t intended to be. I lost the love of my life, my home, and all of my plans for the future.

Now, more than ever, I need to turn my life back around. I need to find my way back to myself and raise my vibration. I intend to use the New Moon tonight to begin that healing process. 

Today, I’m going to discuss the New Moon ritual I will be going through tonight and have every intention of repeating every month from here on. I will share some of my personal goals because I believe that speaking these intentions into existence and sharing them with others only adds to the power behind them. I’ll be sharing some of my ritual over on my Instagram story later tonight if you’re interested in checking it out! I’ve been more active on there lately, and talking to you guys has been refreshing – so don’t be afraid to reach out!

Let’s jump right into it!


Taking Care of My Room and My Self

With the New Moon, there comes a sense of freshness and newness. Because of this, I like to make sure that my room is super clean before I begin. This just helps settle my mind and makes me feel motivated to keep things in order going forward with the month.

I’ll also invest time in some self-care before I begin my ritual. I want to set an intention that begins with taking better care of myself, taking pride in myself, and finding more peace with my alone time. 

I will take a bath with some essential oils, do my favorite clay face mask, paint my nails, make myself some tea, light candles, etc.

Obviously, self-care is more than painted nails and face masks. But, pampering myself really puts me in a good head-space to do the much more intensive self-care work that I know I have ahead of me this month.


Clearing My Room of Negative Energy

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After my breakup last week, I came back to my parents’ house with a lot of negative emotions – the strongest being guilt. Guilt is by far one of the strongest and darkest emotions I have ever battled, and there is no doubt in my mind that I carried that darkness with me here to my temporary home.

I firmly believe that we must purge ourselves of negativity, darkness, and doubt in order to make more room for the positive change and opportunities we want to attract. In order to begin this process, I will sage both myself and my room at the beginning of my New Moon ritual.

I will play some relaxing music – anything that really calms me down and clears my head – and sage every area of my room with an intention in mind. This month, I will be focusing on the intention of forgiving myself as I try to rid the dark energy of guilt and self-hate from my room. This energy, no matter how strongly I am still urged to feel it, is not serving me or my desires. There is no space for it here. 


Mindful Meditation

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I’ve gotten back into meditating the past week or so. In fact, I’ve been doing it for at least five minutes, three times a day – typically going much longer than that as I meditate before bed.

During my New Moon ritual, I will simply be using mediation to bring my awareness back to my own mind, body, and spirit. I will not be thinking about my goals, manifesting, visualizing, or setting intentions. I think this kind of mediation is important because it helps to clear out your mind and makes you completely present in the moment you’re in – not the past or the future. 

I like chanting meditations, but simple relaxing music, nature sounds, and even guided meditations can be great for this.

I’m not putting a time limit on my New Moon meditation. Practicing this week, I’ve noticed that I get a certain sensation once my mind is completely present, and it feels as if my spirit becomes separate from my body. It is a difficult sensation to articulate, but I love it and its ability to ease my anxiety. I intend to meditate until I reach that state, and then stay there for as long as possible.


Tarot Card Reading

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I am really into Tarot Cards and pull just one every night before bed. During the New Moon, however, I like to really sit down and do a more thorough card reading on myself.

The type of reading I’ll do obviously changes depending on the intentions I’m trying to set or what specific types of questions I want to address with the Universe’s help in the month to come. This month, I believe I’m going to go with a three-card past, present, future reading, letting go of any specific questions I may have to ask the Universe what about my situation I should be mindful of right now. 


Journaling and Intention Setting

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After my tarot card reading, I will curl up in a cozy spot with my journal. I will first process through whatever it is that I interpreted from the cards and how that guidance applies to the intentions I will be focusing on this month.

Next, I like to write about the things I need to let go of. What limiting beliefs do I have that could hold me back from my goals for the month? Why do I have these limiting beliefs and what can I do to turn them around? The goal here is to put my mind in a place where it fully trusts and accepts that I am capable of achieving my goals and attracting my desires for the month. I must let go of doubt, so I must first know why those doubts are there to begin with. 

After working through my limiting beliefs, I will begin to write about my intentions for the month ahead. I typically start with a really small manifestation – something specific but little. When I undoubtedly receive it, it always raises my vibration by increasing my belief in the power of the subconscious mind and the universe.

Then, I will start writing through my bigger goals and desired manifestations. This month, I really intend to focus on goals surrounding self-love and my creative career.

Once all of my goals are written out, I try to get more concrete about them by asking myself: What do I need to do to make these things happen? What type of person attracts these desires? What hard work can I do in my physical life while I wait for the Universe to deliver?

I will then begin to write through my actual plans for the month. After journaling about them, I intend to get into my planner and start writing the most concrete ones in there. It is always good to have a game-plan and a timeline!


So there you have it – my New Moon ritual for June! I hope you all take this opportunity tonight to embrace a fresh start on your path if you need one. If you’re on the right path already, then use it to check-in with yourself and your goals so that you can remain consistent!

As always, thanks for reading. Let me know in the comments what your favorite part of your own New Moon ritual is, or what you’re excited to manifest this month!


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