huge part of growing an online blog or business is promoting your own work. For those who struggle with confidence and impostor syndrome, this hurdle can be a difficult one to get over – especially when you are just getting started.

Many of us who are blogging and running online businesses are branding ourselves. Our audience needs to like us, know what it is that we do, and understand why it is that we do it. While promoting your work is challenging enough, promoting yourself presents an even bigger challenge. It makes it difficult to separate criticism of your ideas or beliefs from criticism of yourself.

So, how do you promote your blog or business with confidence, even in the very beginning of your journey?

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Embrace the Fact that Not Everyone Is Going to Love What You’re Saying

I am not going to tell you to accept rejection – I’m going to tell you to embrace it.

There are so many different types of people in the world, and it is just plain unreasonable to think that your ideas are going to be liked or agreed-upon by all of them. The truth is, if there is a group of people out there who really hate what it is that you have to say, then there is also a group of people out there who deeply connect to it. It is far better to be promoting something that creates a strong response than something people don’t care about one way or another.

Finding your niche – and owning it – is so, so important to the development and growth of your business. Doing so will allow you to find an incredibly loyal, interactive, and supportive community of followers and potential clients.

Don’t be afraid to promote what makes you different. For example, there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there rolling their eyes when they see me talking about crystals, tarot cards, meditation, and the energy of the moon. They can’t click away fast enough! But, you know what, those things that I talk about are exactly the reason why some of you are here.


Create Content That You’re Genuinely Proud Of

This one seems obvious but is so important if you want to find the confidence to promote yourself and your blog or business.

If you aren’t putting your all into your blog posts, YouTube videos, or any other content you’re creating, then of course you aren’t going to feel good asking people to check it out. Your audience can tell whether you’ve put thought and effort into your content or just threw something together last-minute so that you had something to post.

Alternatively, if you’ve created something you’re really freakin’ proud of, you’re more likely to show off that hard work and want people to see it. There is something truly special about sharing your own creation with other people, and the sharing part just gets easier and easier the more pride you take in those creations.


Let Go of Impostor Syndrome

We’ve all been there. We have information we know will be valuable to others, we create something awesome, and – as soon as it’s time to share that information – we suddenly get the feeling that we are somehow “unqualified” to be giving it to people.

Now, look, this can definitely be true in certain situations (for the love of god please stop giving medical advice if you’re not a professional or telling people that a specific diet can cure every disease imaginable). For the most part, however, the impostor syndrome is in your head and only serving to hold you back.

You’ve created a business or blog around something that you’re passionate about. Something that you know about. Now, you have ideas and information that can be helpful to other people who would love to learn about this passion you have.

Letting go of self-doubt is challenging, to say the very least. But I promise you that most of what you’re worried about is all in your head. Remember why you started this in the first place, and try to focus on the skills, knowledge, and passion that pushed you in this direction. You have something to say, and you have your own unique way of saying it. That’s exactly what your audience is looking for!

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I hope something here can help you get out there and promote your blog or business with confidence. Declaring to the world “this is who I am, and this is what I have to offer” can make you feel vulnerable, but it is so worth it. I promise.


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